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Learn How to Level Up

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(without the stress or overwhelm)


 Introducing A Gymnast Nutrition Course to Learn to Fuel Without the Stress or Overwhelm


In this step-by-step learning experience, you’ll be guided by pediatric & adolescent registered sports dietitian nutritionist, speaker, and founder of The Gymnast Nutritionist, Christina Anderson MS, RDN, CSSD, CSP, as she teaches you how to fuel the competitive gymnast in a way that is realistic, makes sense, and actually works.

During the six-week program, you’ll get insider access to The Balanced Gymnast Method Course, plus proven tools, guides, and recipes to optimize your gymnast’s performance in six weeks.

You don’t have to keep struggling with your gymnast’s nutrition.

You don’t have to keep guessing at whether or not your feeding her enough (or she’s eating enough).

Optimizing nutrition from a young age is KEY to preventing issues with food, injury, or body image later in a gymnast’s career. 





Does this sound familiar?

Right now, you want to do EVERYTHING you can to help your gymnast reach their goals & dreams, BUT… 

You feel OVERWHELMED by all the nutrition information out there

You feel FRUSTRATED by your gymnast (and possibly other children or teens) who is also a picky eater or only wants “junk food” all the time 

You WORRY that your gymnast’s nutrition is out of balance 

You are STRUGGLING to help your gymnast feel stronger and not totally EXHAUSTED all the time

You WORRY about your gymnast developing an unhealthy relationship with food and her body

You know they could be doing more with their nutrition to help performance, but you’re just not sure “what” that is.

There’s an easier way to learn to fuel your gymnast that actually works for optimal performance and recovery.

Here’s the deal: 

I know how you feel. 

I was SO confused about nutrition as a gymnast and felt like there were so many “bad” foods that there wasn’t hardly anything to eat that actually tasted good. 

My parents did their best and kept really healthy foods in the home, but that didn’t fix my issues (and it left them feeling super frustrated).

I was always exhausted and my body felt like it wasn’t recovering well. 

I had dreams of collegiate gymnastics that faded away. 

I had received a ton of crazy advice that didn’t make a lot of sense but I had no one else to turn to. There weren’t dietitians nutritionists specialized in gymnastics anywhere to be found.

You and your gymnast deserve so much more. 

You and your gymnast deserve to not make the mistakes I did. 

Youur gymnast deserve to enjoy and love gymnastics for as long they wish. 

Your gymnast deserve to feel 100% confident about food and their body. ‘

Think about it…

Being “healthy” doesn’t have to be complicated

Your gymnast should be thinking LESS about food and MORE on their training

FREE your gymnast from restrictive food behaviors or nutrition fads 

Help your gymnast find CONFIDENCE in their food choices

Help your gymnast build TRUST with food and their body, and keep it focused on PERFORMANCE

3 Ways Learning to Fuel the Gymnast Will Improve

Her Performance

Optimized Nutrition

Learn exactly what the gymnast needs to fuel everyday life and health. Without a strong nutrition foundation, nothing else matter.

More Energy

This nutrition strategy will ensure your gymnast is well-fueled for practice or competition, no matter what!​

Better Performance

When life happens and your gymnast gets injured, do you know how to optimize nutrition for faster recovery?​

Welcome to The Balanced Gymnast Method!

Hey gymnast parents! It’s Christina. Like your gymnast and many of you, I was a competitive gymnast for 9+ years and am now a sports dietitian nutritionist who works exclusively with gymnasts.

My career as a gymnast didn’t end well. I struggled with food and my body, and my parents felt helpless. We did “all the things” in terms of physical therapy and seeing all the right doctors for my ongoing injuries, but it was my underfueling that kept me stuck.

It wasn’t until I become a dietitian nutritionist that I realized that what I had been doing with my nutrition was the complete opposite of what I needed, yet how should I have known? (Especially when that’s what everyone else was doing).

Now I have a healthy relationship with food and my body, and help high level gymnasts everyday achieve the things I wasn’t able to in my career.

Since 2017, I’ve had a private practice and worked with 100s of competitive gymnasts (compulsory through Sr Elite/National Team) and their parents —teaching them to fuel for optimal performance without the stress or overwhelm.

In 2020 I pivoted to 100% virtual practice so I could serve gymnasts all across the US and internationally, and it’s been amazing.

In April of 2020, we launched The Balanced Gymnast Method™ which is an online course for parents of competitive gymnasts to make education on fueling the gymnast is accessible to all.

I believe that gymnasts need to not only learn to fuel their bodies for sport, but develop a healthy relationship with food and body (hence the donut…all foods can fit in the high level gymnast’s diet).

My program attracts gymnasts and parents who are ready to put in the time and effort to optimize nutrition and performance. They are not afraid to challenge beliefs they have about food and nutrition, and challenge cultural norms in the sport. Just because “this is how we’ve always done it” doesn’t make it right.

I’m SO excited to welcome you to The Balanced Gymnast Method and help you learn to optimize your gymnast’s nutrition for performance and life beyond sport in 6 weeks.

Optimized Nutrition. More Energy. Better Performance.

“A lot of really important performance and health related nutrition issues were brought to our attention throughout the course”

We didn’t know a whole lot about nutrition in general prior to The Balanced Gymnast Course and how it helps with gymnastics

With 20 hours of training weekly, we didn’t know what to do to help her. No one had ever taught us exactly what was needed to fuel properly.

The video trainings and handouts on building meals and snacks for the gymnast were probably the biggest win in the course.  Would definitely recommend, gave great information and great level of detail. 

The course gave examples of things we could implement immediately

Mom of a Level 10 Gymnast


“This has been a game-changer for my gymnast”

My gymnast used to fight me on fueling her body and we also were doing somethings with nutrition that weren’t helpful, but we didn’t know it

The adjustments we made to her diet have been amazing. We immediately saw improvements in energy at the gym.

Now my gymnast doesn’t fight me or make me “nag” her about properly fueling her body or hydrating which is a huge WIN.

She understands the importance, especially with her big dreams of college gymnastics.

Mom of a Level 9 Gymnast




“Christina was able to address our concerns about our young competitive gymnast’s nutrition”


She takes a realistic, scientific approach and yet is able to explain complex nutrition concepts in a way that parents can understand.


She is a “nutrition detective” and able to help tease out nutrition issues related to gymnastics. 

She also takes the time to explain how to handle picky eaters and deal with sugar without creating more issues.

Her bonus training on growth assessment allowed us to feel confident we were feeding our gymnast enough to stay healthy.


Dad, Level 5 and 7 gymnasts

Here’s a Sneak Preview of What’s in The Balanced Gymnast Method Course

Week 1: The Gymnast's Foundation

Start strong! Learn exactly how to build filling, satisfying meal and snacks to fuel the competitive gymnast—not just for performance but for everyday life and health. Without a strong nutrition foundation...nothing else matters.

Week 2: Your Hydration Plan

Learn how much a gymnast needs to be drinking during the day and at practice. Underhydration leads to poor performance, cognitive function, and poor recovery…and 75% of young athletes show up to practice already dehydrated

Week 3: Attention to Detail

It’s the details that matter. Ensure your gymnast is getting all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients she needs for health and longevity in the sport. There are some crucial lab tests that all gymnast need each year to ensure optimal health and performance, and most doctors overlook these. 

Week 4: Your Performance Nutrition Strategy

Every gymnast NEEDS a Performance Nutrition Strategy or the intentional nutrition and hydration before, during, and after a workout to optimize performance and adaptation to training. There’s a big difference between “snacking” vs “fueling”. 

Week 5: Advanced Nutrition Strategy for Muscle Soreness & Inflammation

As you know, nutrition plays a key role in preventing and managing inflammation and injuries. When life happens and your gymnast gets injured, do you know how to optimize nutrition for faster recovery?

Week 6: Food Freedom + Body Confidence

Gymnastics often leaves gymnasts with an unhealthy relationship with food and their bodies. Even young gymnasts, 8-9 years old, have a much greater awareness about food and their bodies and we have to teach them from a young age that all bodies are good bodies and that all foods can fit in the gymnast’s diet.


BONUS Trainings

We’ve developed 4 additional trainings on the topics of growth & development, picky eating, SUGAR, and how to get your gymnast on board with nutrition! 

How It Works


Immediately after enrolling in The Balanced Gymnast Method course, you’ll get access to all the trainings and materials in the private course member’s area. You can go as quickly or slowly through the course as you like, giving yourself plenty of time to apply the concepts you learn. 

Insider Live Q&A

Along with all the trainings, you’ll get access to monthly live Q&A Sessions with Christina. You can submit questions ahead of time, and if these sessions don’t answer your questions you can ask them in the private member’s group.


Each week I’ll guide you through learning to build meals and snacks that fuel your gymnast. You’ll receive a series of handouts and guides to help you and your gymnast come up with your own custom nutrition strategies. 

This program is for you and your gymnast if…

You know they are struggling, but aren’t sure how to help

You worry if they are getting enough of the right kind of nutrition to help them perform their best

You struggle to get your gymnast to eat a balanced diet

They have big goals and dreams and you don’t want to see them dashed because of injury

They want to do everything they can to get the most out of their training 

You feel confused about nutrition and aren’t sure what the gymnast needs

You want to be proactive with nutrition

You don’t want your gymnast to struggle with food and body right now or as she gets oldeR

This program is not for you if


You think your gymnast is “fine” and eating healthy is all that matters

 You think nutrition doesn’t matter right now while she’s younger and can wait until she’s struggling

You’re fine with your gymnast being a “picky eating’ or “obsessed with sugar”

 Your gymnast has been diagnosed with an eating disorder and needs individualized support

You are happy spending countless hours asking other gym parents for advice, “Googling” nutrition information, and second guessing yourself

 You are unwilling to invest in your gymnast’s health and longevity both IN and OUT of the sport 


Why I created the Balanced Gymnast Method Course

Over the past few years, I’ve have the priviledge of working with gymnasts from all over the world and connected with amazing gymnastics professionals in the sport.

In this time, I’ve also observed a huge gap in the knowledge around properly gymnastics nutrition — especially for high level gymnasts who have big goals and dreams that depend on health and longevity.

While there are a lot of great sports dietitian nutritionists out there, many just don’t “get” gymnastics. Or, they don’t understand the high rates of disordered eating and eating disorders and promote practices that worsen these issues which are not only career threatening, but life threatening. 

Not only do parents and gymnasts need support that is specifically tailored to the gymnast, but also support that addresses the other issues that gymnasts are not immune from…picky eating, growth issues, difficulties with sugar and “junk food”, etc. 


I believe the best nutrition education combines the power of a sustainable, realistic approach that’s rooted in science. 

That’s why I decided it was time to create a easy way for parents and gymnasts to get the nutrition education they’re looking for NOW. 

Sorting through the nutrition noise and changing gymnastics culture, one gymnast at a time.

This is why I created this…

A program tailed for those who are ready to learn how to figure out nutrition once and for all to achieve their highest potential in the sport. 

Introducing The Balanced Gymnast Method Course

The complete online nutrition training program for gymnasts, parents, and coaches

How to help your gymnast:

-Learn to eat in a way that supports optimal health, growth, and development

-Implement fueling strategies on her own that level up performance in the gym

-Develop a healthy relationship with food & body that lasts years beyond her time in the sport

What You’ll Get With This Program

  • 6 course modules with video trainings, handouts, and recipes ($697 value)
  • Lifetime access to all program workbooks, guides, and tools ($697 value)
  • Exclusive membership in The Balanced Gymnast Method Private Facebook Community for guidance and support ($297 value) 

Get $2179 of Powerful Tools & Trainings to Skyrocket Your Results with The Program – FREE!


Performance Nutrition Tool 

Use this loaded PDF guide to help plan your Performance Nutrition Strategy (which enables your gymnast to consistently perform at her BEST!)

$497 value

Yours FREE With The Balanced Gymnast Method Course


Growth Assessment Training & Tool 

Do you worry whether or not your gymnast is getting enough nutrition? This quick 20 minute video training and quiz will help you learn to read growth charts, know when growth is “off course”, and what to do about it. Such a relief! 

$297 value

Yours FREE With The Balanced Gymnast Method Course


Muscle Soreness & Inflammation Guide

Does your gymnast constantly feel sore from workouts or have little nagging injuries (or bigger injuries that require surgery or extensive time off)? This guide highlights the most current, legit supplements and strategies for the gymnast.

$297 value

Yours FREE With The Balanced Gymnast Method Course


SUGAR- How to Stop the Obsession (and worry)

Do you worry about how much sugar your gymnast eats? Does she seem “obsessed”? Get deep insight into why we struggle with sugar, if it’s harmful for the gymnast, and how to handle this sweet substance that is EVERYWHERE.

$297 value

Yours FREE With The Balanced Gymnast Method Course


How to Talk About Nutrition with Your Gymnast

This guide will show you how to talk to your gymnast (including example phrases!) about nutrition without causing a fight or getting the eye roll. You’ll learn how to talk about food and body without causing issues, yet still supportive of your gymnast.

$297 value

Yours FREE With The Balanced Gymnast Method Course


How to Help the “Picky Eater” Gymnast

Is your gymnast a picky eater? Do you feel frustrated with what she eats (or won’t eat) and worry it’s hurting her health and performance? This training will show you how to manage meals, snacks, fun foods, and so much more! You’ll gain valuable skills that not only help your gymnast but the entire family (including your spouse!).

$297 value

Yours FREE With The Balanced Gymnast Method Course


Monthly Meal & Snack Recipes for the Gymnast

Get 2 months FREE of The Balanced Gymnast Meal Planning Subscription where you get 35 new meal and snack recipes (specifically designed for the gymnast) straight in your inbox each month.

$197 value

Yours FREE With The Balanced Gymnast Method Course

Get $2179 of Powerful Tools & Trainings to Skyrocket Your Results with The Program – FREE!

When you join today, you’re going to get lifetime access to the course for only $349


Save when you pay in full today! (BEST VALUE)




Pay just $97 today! Then 3 more monthly payments of $97


$97 x 4

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is this course designed for?
This course is aimed for ages 12 to 65. It is recommended, though not required, that students between the ages of 12 and 17 complete the course with a parent or legal guardian.
Is this only for female gymnasts?

No! Even though we LOVE pink, this course is also appropriate for male gymnasts. 

We live in Australia/UK/Europe, etc? Can we still take the course?

YES! Because the course does not provide individualized 1:1 support (medical nutrition therapy), anyone can take the course since it provides nutrition education. 

Is this only for gymnasts and parents, or for coaches too?

This course is also a great way for coaches to get valuable nutrition education.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Enrolling today gives you lifetime access to the course and all materials. 

What if I have questions or need more help?

This program is DIY with so many resources and 4 fabulous bonus trainings to support you. If your gymnast is actively struggling with a medical condition, eating disorder, etc then 1:1 coaching sessions would be a good addition to the course. 

How much time will it take to complete the course?

Results don’t happen overnight, but each week’s training should take you less than an hour. Most take 4-5 weeks to go through the course, but you can go as quickly or slowly as you please.

We're already paying so much for tuition, privates, therapies, and college recruiting---do we really need this?

Nutrition is the foundation to EVERYTHING your gymnast does. All the money in the world won’t make up for lack of nutrition or improper nutrition that jeopardizes training and recovery. You spend way too much money on your gymnast’s career to not have nutrition dialed in.

What if my gymnast refuses to talk with me about nutrition, will this help?

YES! Often gymnasts (especially teens) may not want to talk about nutrition because it’s deeply personal and they don’t want to feel judged. Often comments about food/bodies have already been made and the course is a safe way to introduce new, healthy nutrition concepts without pressure. A parent taking the course can get tons of skills and knowledge to help their gymnast.

What if we are vegan/vegetarian/have food allergies?

No problem! The program is not specific to any one diet and includes information on plant-based nutrition. We always recommend you consult with a sports dietitian in addition to the course if your gymnast has multiple food allergies/intolerances to make sure they’re getting what they need.

Do you offer refunds?

I’ve spent 10 years my life and THOUSANDS of dollars trying to improve my relationship with food and my body. Throughout these 10 years, and combined with my Registered Dietitian background, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. This course will help you achieve food freedom and elite performance for a fraction of the cost. 


Save when you pay in full today! (BEST VALUE)




Pay just $97 today! Then 3 more monthly payments of $97


$97 x 4