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What You’ll Learn:


 -🤸‍♀️What performance nutrition is and how to use this unlock your gymnast’s next level of performance

-🍓Why the BEST Competition Nutrition Strategy won’t help if you’re missing this ONE thing with your gymnast’s nutrition 

-🥇3 Competition Day Nutrition Strategies to take your gymnast from good to GREAT 

This Class is for You if…

— You want to help your gymnast finish the season STRONG

— Your gymnast is currently injured and you want to help them have a successful comeback for summer or next season

— You want to help your gymnast get every last tenth they can (which nutrition can help with in a BIG way)

— You want to stop struggling with nutrition and know how to fuel them for competition season and beyond

Meet your Teacher  

Hey hey! I’m Christina Anderson MS, RDN, CSSD, CSP, LD, a board certified pediatric/adolescent registered dietitian sports nutritionist.

Like your gymnast and many of you, I was a competitive gymnast for 9+ years and founded a 100% virtual sports nutrition practice exclusively for gymnasts back in 2019.

It wasn’t until I became a sports dietitian that I realized that what I had been doing with my nutrition as a gymnast was the complete opposite of what I needed, yet how should I have known? (Especially when that’s what everyone else was doing).

Since 2017, I’ve had a private practice and worked with 100s of competitive gymnasts (compulsory through Sr Elite/National Team) and their parents —teaching them to fuel for optimal performance without the stress or overwhelm.

I’m SO excited you’re here and will see you inside the Training!


Christina Crowder Anderson


Will there be a replay?
Yes! We will send the replay out within 24 hours via email 
Can my gymnast attend?
Yes! We recommend your gymnast be ~12 or older to join with you.