Summer Cooking Series for Gymnasts

Help your gymnast learn to fuel and nourish her body this summer!

INTRODUCING: The LIVE Summer Cooking Class Series for Gymnasts

Let us help inspire your gymnast in the kitchen this summer!

Knowing how to cook, whether it’s simple assembly-only meals or more gourmet creations, is an essential life-skill. 

We know that when gymnasts know how to cook for themselves they will often eat more healthfully (and save themselves money down the road). 

Gymnasts are SO busy. We get it. 

But one day they’ll need to know how to fuel themselves when mom and dad aren’t there, and that often occurs before they’re away at college. 

Many teen gymnasts are “on their own” for meals in the summer, whether they have a keen interest in food or parents are just busy and not available to support. 

This is where things can go really wrong, as most gymnasts lack the knowledge and skills for preparing healthy, nourishing meals that taste good. 

So what do they do instead? They stop by fast-food on the way home from gym, which is not “bad” in an of itself, but they will likely get more nutrition from something at home (unless they have access to great restaurants, etc nearby). And, they’ll save you a lot of money in the process. 

Wonderful class! She loved the smoothie and we’re going to eat the sandwich for lunch with veggies, guacamole for snack and pasta salad for dinner tonight. Would recommend to other gymnast parents for Sur! I think the more involved kids are in preparing the food, the more likely they are to care about their nutrition, understand nutrition and enjoy their food. Looking forward to the next class!

Mom, 12 year old gymnast

The class was super fun and the food was delish (we are looking forward to leftovers for lunch)! Additionally, having an expert lead the instruction made it easier for my daughter to try things. The difficulty of the class was just right and my gymnast gained a lot of confidence in the kitchen in just 2 hours!

Mom, 11 year old gymnast

How the Cooking Classes Work

Summer is the PERFECT time for your gymnast to learn to fuel herself with foods that taste good AND meet her nutritional needs.

These live virtual cooking classes are for gymnasts 13+ who want to learn to make simple, delicious meals/snacks fit for the gymnast! If your gymnast is <13, they’re welcome to join with a parent present!

Each class 90 minute Zoom class will come with pre-class instructions for ingredient sourcing, colorful PDF recipes, and private access to the replay of each class! Together we’ll make a variety of meals/snacks that are perfect for the gymnast, aren’t complicated, and super delish!

The Summer Cooking Class Series

We’re offering three (3!) classes this summer. Your gymnast can do one, two, or your gymnast is welcome to join us for all of them!

June Class- Easy Pre/Post Workout Summer Lunches

Date: Thursday June 21st, 2022 at 5PM MT/7PM EST

Before summer training gets too far underway, we want to help your gymnast make a few simple lunches (on their own)!

July Class-Anti-Inflammatory Dinners that Actually Taste Good

Date: Thursday July 21st, 2022 at 5PM MT/7PM EST

There is a lot of misinformation out there about what inflammation is, and a lot of “anti-inflammatory” recipes taste super gross. We’re all about what gymnast’s can “add” to their diets for more nutrition, but those foods also have to taste good! 

August Cooking Class-Back to School Breakfasts + Super Snacks

Date: Saturday August 13th, 9AM MT/11AM EST

Learn to make some easy early-morning breakfasts that check all the nutrition boxes so your gymnast is fueled for her BEST performance each day, both in the gym and at school. We’ll also make some FUN and delish tasty between-meal snacks to “bridge that gap” and help prevent HANGER.

Hear what parents & gymnasts are saying about our cooking classes…

Would highly recommend to other parents because it was fun and my gymnast learned a lot. She had a sense of accomplishment after too. The recipes were new varieties for us and so there were new discoveries (like the smoothie and the dressing – and well everything) that were big hits!

Mom, 14 year old gymnast

I really enjoyed all the food and it will be great for gymnastics snacks! I got to try new foods and I really liked them! Also, Christina was very nice!

11 year old gymnast

About Christina Anderson RDN

Hi! I’m Christina Anderson MS, RDN, CSSD, CSP, LD, a board certified pediatric/adolescent registered dietitian sports nutritionist.

Like your gymnast and many of you, I was a competitive gymnast for 9+ years and founded a 100% virtual sports nutrition practice exclusively for gymnasts.

It wasn’t until I become a dietitian nutritionist that I realized that what I had been doing with my nutrition as a gymnast was the complete opposite of what I needed, yet how should I have known? (Especially when that’s what everyone else was doing).

Now I have a healthy relationship with food and my body, and help compulsory through international elite gymnasts (and their parents/coaches!) achieve the things I wasn’t able to in my career.

Since 2017, I’ve had a private practice and worked with 100s of competitive gymnasts (compulsory through Sr Elite/National Team) and their parents —teaching them to fuel for optimal performance without the stress or overwhelm.

We attract gymnasts and parents who are ready to put in the time and effort to optimize nutrition and performance. They are not afraid to challenge beliefs they have about food and nutrition, and challenge cultural norms in the sport. Just because “this is how we’ve always done it” doesn’t make it right.

I’m SO excited you’re here and can’t wait to meet you inside the classes!

Ready to level up your gymnast’s nutrition this summer? 

How much does it cost?


$179 (save over $25)


$149 for 2 classes


$79 per class

More details.. 

Once you purchase your class (or classes), you will be sent an email from Thinkific which will house everything you need for the cooking classes.

Two weeks before each class, we’ll upload a grocery list and any other materials you might need.

Then we’ll provide you with printable recipes the day before and post the class replay afterwards. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the cooking classes for?
The classes are geared towards competitive gymnasts (Compulsory/Optionals/Elite) age 13+ older. You are more than welcome to join your gymnast, especially if they are younger.

We encourage the use knives by minors under parents or guardian supervision during the virtual class. We are not responsible for an injury that may occur due to knife usage. It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to make sure their minor is safe in the kitchen during the virtual class.

Will there be replays?
Yes! We know that not everyone can make the live sessions, so we will post the replay in the class platform.
Is this only for female gymnasts?
No! Even though we LOVE pink, the classes are also appropriate for male gymnasts that are interested.
Can my gymnast do the classes alone?
The classes are designed for gymnasts ages 13-18. If a younger gymnasts wants to join, we recommend their parent is with them on the virtual call .
We live in Australia/UK/Europe, etc? Can we still do the class?
YES! There will be replays for the live sessions each day if they are not at a convenient time for you.
What if my gymnast doesn't want to have to talk while on zoom
No worries! These are just simply live cook-along-classes where gymnasts can ask questions or remain silent and just follow our lead!
What if my gymnast has food allergies/intolerances?
We will do our best to include GF/DF subsitutions in all the recipes. Some of them may have peanuts/treenuts that can’t be removed, but we’ll know more as we get closer 🙂