Summer Training Nutrition and Hydration Workshop for Gymnasts

Do you know how to plan nutrition + hydration for your gymnast’s long, intense summer workouts?

Knowing WHAT and WHEN to fuel your gymnast is key to optimizing performance and recovery this off season.

I remember summer workouts as a high level gymnast.

They were long, difficult, and the gym was hot.

I remember struggling to eat breakfast before practice, knowing it was going to be a tough workout.

I only took water as I thought that’s “all gymnasts need” and “sports drinks are toxic, fattening, etc”.

I remember not knowing what to pack for lunch of skipping it if hanging out with friends.

I remember being STARVING in the evenings and wanting to eat and bake all the things, then telling myself I didn’t have enough willpower. 

I remember feeling dizzy after warm ups and intense summer conditioning.

I remember feeling constantly exhausted and sore, just trying to make it through each week.

I remember the rush of making new skills and the defeat of getting injured (often towards the end of a workout when tired and not concentrating as well).

And I was all too familiar with getting injured sometime in preseason after an amazing summer. 

More than likely, your gymnast can relate to some if not all of these. They’re not alone, but this also isn’t normal.

High level gymnasts can feel GOOD in their bodies during long training sessions when they have the right kind of fuel + hydration in and around workouts

 And this can make all the difference in their training and recovery, it can set them apart from the competition.

Most competitive gymnasts never learn how to properly fuel and hydration during 20-30+ hours a week of training. And this is a big part of what keeps most from reaching their big goals and dreams.


Summer Training Nutrition + Hydration Workshop for Gymnasts

Learn to Optimize Nutrition for More Energy and Better Performance

What will you learn inside the workshop? 

  • Learn what to eat and when before 4+ hour summer workouts, no matter if it’s in the morning, afternoon, or evening
  • Learn how much hydration your gymnast needs during workouts and whether they need electrolytes, a sports drink, etc
  • Learn what to pack for summer camps and how to fuel/hydrate with two-a-day workouts
  • Develop a Performance Nutrition Strategy with your gymnast to strategically level up performance and recovery
  • BONUS: Performance Nutrition Tool (Jam-Packed PDF guide that walks you through how to develop your Performance Nutrition Strategy)

The Details

This 1.5 hour workshop will be LIVE on Zoom Thursday May 26th at 6:00 PM MST/8:00 PM EST.

There will be a replay for those who can’t attend live. 


    Hear what parents say about our approach to fueling the high level gymnast…

    As a parent, I wanted my children to understand fueling their bodies correctly isn’t a bad thing, even though some of their teammates make fun of them for the pre, during and post workout meals and snacks they eat. 

    Mom, Level 8 and 10 Gymnasts

    We had no idea how important carbohydrates were for performance as we’d been told that gymnast’s didn’t need them, they were “fattening”, etc. We were wrong, and my gymnast now feels SO MUCH better at gym!

    Parents, Level 9/HOPES Gymnast

    About Christina Anderson RDN


    Hi! I’m Christina Anderson MS, RDN, CSSD, CSP, LD, a board certified pediatric/adolescent registered dietitian sports nutritionist.

    Like your gymnast and many of you, I was a competitive gymnast for 9+ years and founded a 100% virtual sports nutrition practice exclusively for gymnasts.

    It wasn’t until I become a dietitian nutritionist that I realized that what I had been doing with my nutrition as a gymnast was the complete opposite of what I needed, yet how should I have known? (Especially when that’s what everyone else was doing).

    Now I have a healthy relationship with food and my body, and help compulsory through international elite gymnasts (and their parents/coaches!) achieve the things I wasn’t able to in my career.

    Since 2017, I’ve had a private practice and worked with 100s of competitive gymnasts (compulsory through Sr Elite/National Team) and their parents —teaching them to fuel for optimal performance without the stress or overwhelm.

    We attract gymnasts and parents who are ready to put in the time and effort to optimize nutrition and performance. They are not afraid to challenge beliefs they have about food and nutrition, and challenge cultural norms in the sport. Just because “this is how we’ve always done it” doesn’t make it right.

    I’m SO excited to see you inside the workshop!


    Your workshops are excellent! My gymnast has been taking things from your previous sessions and has been implementing changes to be fueled up for practice. Thank you!

    Mom, Level 7

    The workshop was SO helpful. As a working mom with 3 children (2 of which are gymnasts, 1 plays another sport) this was what I needed. I now feel like I know what I’m doing with planning their meals/snacks while on the go all the time.

    Mom, Level 4 and 6 Gymnasts

    By the end of this workshop, you and your gymnast will have a game-plan for managing nutrition while navigating a busy competition season. 

    So the big question is….how much does it cost?

    $129 per ticket ($297 value)


    Why are we charging?

    Three simple reasons…





    …show up and we want you to take advantage of this exclusive workshop that’s open to the public


    …in our course and with 1:1 clients so we want to stay in alignment.


    …reach more gymnasts, parents, and coaches and this helps offset the costs.


    Who is this workshop for?
    This workshop is for upper level gymnasts (optionals/elite track, NCAA) and their parents/coaches. We encourage parents to be present if their gymnast wants to watch.

    If you are a coach or gym owner and you want your gymnasts/parents to have access, please email us at christina@christinaandersonrdn.com

    Is this only for female gymnasts?
    No! Even though we LOVE pink, all of this content is applicable to gymnasts of any gender (and discipline of gymnastics).
    We live in Australia/UK/Europe, etc? Can we still do the challenge?
    YES! If you can’t catch the workshop live due to time zone differences, we will send out a replay within 24 hours.
    Is this only for gymnasts and parents, or for coaches too?
    This workshop is also a great way for coaches to get valuable nutrition education that they can pass on to their gymnasts this season.
    What if I have questions or need more help?
    We will share more information at the end of the workshop about how you and your gymnast can get support.
    What if we are a 1:1 coaching client or are in The Balanced Gymnat Method?
    Please email us as we love to spoil our clients and you get free access to the workshop.