Fueling the Growing Gymnast

Fueling the Growing Gymnast: From Compulsory to Optionals and Beyond

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • The #1 most important aspect of your gymnast’s nutrition (that most parents are missing)
  • Why “healthy eating” isn’t enough for the gymnast (and what to focus on instead)
  • The KEYS to optimal performance and longevity in the sport

This is not a “normal” webinar. This is simply a free educational training to help support parents and gymnasts have their best season yet!


“If we had only learned about the right nutrition for our gymnast from an early age, her career would have ended differently.”

Mom of Level 10 Gymnast


This is a must attend if you are….

the parent or coach of compulsory, optional, or elite level gymnasts

Does this sound familiar?


  • You have a young, talented compulsory gymnast who seems to be doing just fine with her nutrition. As a parent, you feed her severeal meals and snacks a day, and always give her more when she asks. You have no reason to think anything could be “off” with her nutrition. 
  • Then, as she starts to grow and advance in gymnastics, she starts to struggle a little. What used to be the occassional soreness is now a stress fracture, overuse injury, or just struggling to adjust to her growing body. 
  • And then when it really matters, she gets stuck. She either has an untimely injury or just isn’t progressing the same was she used to. As a parent, you try “all the things” to help but nothing seems to working. 
  • Of all the doctors, specialists, and experts you’ve taken her to…not one of them has asked about nutrition (or REALLY understood what the gymnast needs). 

It doesn’t have to be this way 

“We spent so much money on physical therapy, chiropractor adjustments, and supplements all to learn they weren’t working because of our gymnast’s nutrition.”

Mom of Level 10, CA


Fueling the Growing Gymnast

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FOUNDER & CEO of The Gymnast Nutritionist

Hey there, I’m Christina

I’m a pediatric and adolescent sports dietitian nutritionist that specializes in nutrition for the gymnast. 

My approach to supporting gymnasts, parents, and coaches comes from my own experience as a high-level gymnast that struggled with food and her body. Like many of you, my career was plagued with injuries that were largely related to underfueling, though I was clueless as to the effects my nutrition had on my body and performance.

I didn’t learn to fuel and nourish my body until college, which was after my gymnastics career had ended. So much of what I write and speak about is what I wish I could have told my 16-year-old gymnast self.

As I become more involved in nutrition, I realized very quickly that a “one-size-fits-all” approach and “just do it” don’t work. Not only does this not work, but this approach often makes the food + body situation worse. 

My mission is to help gymnasts learn to fuel their bodies for optimal performance and longevity in the sport. By learning about that body’s energy needs and how all foods can fit, we can together create a way of eating that supports sports performance and a healthy relationship with food + body.  

As a former competitive artistic gymnast, current Developmental Program/NCAA women’s gymnastics judge, and someone who works in the sport of gymnastics each day, I get you. I understand your struggles, the cultural challenges, and pressure that you and our gymnasts face.

So many gymnast’s careers end in frustration and injury, and this is largely related to missing one key element to their nutrition. 

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“Christina taught us so much about nutrition. We’re now realizing that nutrition for the gymnast is much more than we thought.”

Mom of Level 5 gymnast, GA