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The Gymnast Nutritionist™ is both a learning resource and a community, supporting gymnasts, parents, coaches, and medical providers to grow in their knowledge and understanding of fueling for optimal performance.

Let’s redefine and challenge the current gymnastics culture to support our gymnasts as athletes and humans.



Christina Crowder Anderson MS, RDN, CSSD, CSP, CDCES

I help gymnasts learn to fuel their bodies for optimal performance and longevity in the sport. I am a “non-diet” dietitian who is passionate about helping gymnasts and parents learn to see food as both fuel and nourishment. I specialize in sports nutrition for adolescents and disordered eating, and work with gymnasts in the Developmental Program, Elite, NCAA, and gymnasts in other disciplines like rhythmic and acrobatic. 


Helping Gymnasts learn to fuel for optimal performance and longevity in the sport  

So many gymnasts (50-60%) struggle with some form of disordered eating and body dysmorphia during the sport that doesn’t magically “go away” after they retire. Gymnasts are first and foremost humans, and we need to help mold them into young women who are strong, healthy, and whole. 

It is my mission to change gymnastics culture. There is no one “gymnast body”. All bodies are gymnast bodies that deserve to be fed and nourished. 


All Foods Fit

I don’t believe in “good vs bad” foods. Why? Because anytime we label foods as “good vs bad”, “healthy vs unhealthy” we set ourselves up to experience guilt, shame, and anxiety when we inevitably eat those “forbidden foods”. 

Food is not magical. Yes, some foods are objectively “more nutritious” and we need them in our diets, but foods is so much more than just fuel.

Food is social, cultural, and emotional. It’s my job to guide your gymnast in learning to fuel her body while respecting her preferences, culture, and values. 


Here at Christina Anderson RDN | The Gymnast Nutritionist™…

We believe in evidence-based nutrition.

We believe in body diversity and that there is no one “gymnast body”.

We believe that ALL gymnasts deserve to be fueled for optimal performance. 

We believe that weight alone is not an indicator of performance. 

We believe that gymnasts will never reach their full potential unless the are fueled. 




The Balanced Gymnast® Method Course

The Balanced Gymnast® Method is an online course for gymnasts and parents who want to fast-track their learning. This in-depth course is perfect for gymnasts and parents of all levels who are wanting to learn how to learn to fuel for optimal performance and longevity in the sport.

Winter 2023 VIP Program

For level 5/6-10 gymnasts  + parents

This a life-changing 12 week program to help you learn to fuel your gymnast for optimal performance and longevity in the sport. Now enrolling for Winter 2023, immediate access to The Balanced Gymnast Method® upon enrollment with the option to add on 1:1 coaching sessions.


The Balanced Gymnast® Method 1:1 Coaching

I help high level gymnasts learn to fuel and nourish their bodies while performing at the highest level. Whether your gymnast is struggling with nutrition or just wanting to do everything she can to “level up” performance, The Balanced Gymnast® Program Method 1:1 Coaching is the perfect fit for serious gymnasts.


Support your gymnasts, parents, and coaches

My Signature Team Talk Series is for competitive teams, gymnastics camps, and organizations that are looking to provide the tools for gymnasts, parents, and coaches to fuel for optimal performance. This is a 4-part team talk series that covers all aspects of gymnast nutrition, fueling, and prevention of food & body image struggle.