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There’s an easier way to optimize gymnast performance and longevity in the sport besides restrictive diets, more cardio, and expensive supplements.

For Gymnasts Who Want to Optimize Performance Without the Overwhelm

  • Level up performance and increase longevity in the sport
  • Heal from injuries, stop feeling so exhausted and sore all the time
  • Learn how to fuel anywhere, anytime with foods that promote healing and performance
  • Navigate food/body concerns, picky eating, or medical conditions that get in the way of adequate fueling (stomach issues, type 1 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, etc)

We work 1:1 with competitive gymnasts who want to…

At Christina Anderson RDN | The Gymnast Nutritionist® we offer virtual, one-on-one nutrition education and coaching for high level gymnasts and parents. This nutrition coaching program is designed to give your gymnast all the tools needed for success and longevity in the sport. 

1:1 Coaching

Build meals and snacks that fuel the gymnast for optimal performance

Ensure adequate nutrition to prevent underfueling and complications like the Female Athlete Triad or RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport)

Improve energy and focus during long workouts and on competition days

Optimize Performance Nutrition (pre/intra/post) to prevent injury and enhance recovery

Develop a healthy relationship with food & body

Implement proven strategies that actually work and don’t require a crazy amount of time or energy

You will learn exactly how to...

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What's Included in 1:1 Coaching?

  • An initial 60 minute Nutrition Assessment Session with in-depth review of nutrition, training, and health history
  • Five 45 minute Nutrition Follow Up Sessions 
  • Customized High Level Gymnast Fueling Plan + Nutrition Strategies
  • Lab and growth history review with personalized supplement recommendations
  • Weekly check-ins, chat messaging, and food journal review as needed between sessions
  • Parent + gymnast access (lifetime) to The Balanced Gymnast® Program, our signature 3 month live program in our online platform with everything you need to know + tons of guides ($799 value)
  • Private client portal access to review notes after sessions, access guides and handouts, recipes, and much more.

Virtual visits are conducted over the 3 month commitment, additional follow up sessions provides earlier or ongoing as needed.

You’ve heard your gymnast must “eat clean” to support her gymnastic goals but you find that this is hard to stick with or worse, leaves your gymnast hangry and with lower energy levels 

Your gymnast is tired and sore all the time and it breaks your heart; you’ve tried chiropractors, supplements, and physical therapists, but nothing has worked 

You know your gymnast is not eating enough before or after practice, often skipping meals only to “overdo” later and you’re not sure how to help her find balance 

You’ve noticed your gymnast is frequently and easily irritated; you ask how practice went and you’re met with silence or a bad attitude 

Your gymnast has been plagued by injuries, fatigue, and you’re wondering if something is missing from their nutrition 

Coaching is for you if...

If we're a good fit, you’ll be invited to join my the client portal to sign paperwork and get your first session scheduled. 


We’ll chat via email or hop on a brief 20-minute phone or video call with you and your gymnast if needed to chat about what’s going on, what you’re looking for, and see if we’re a good fit to work together!

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the reviews are in

// Mom, Level 9 Gymnast

Nutrition is such a game changer. When everyone is doing the same hours and same skills, the adequately fueled athlete is ahead of the rest. We enjoyed the group sessions and the 1:1 were a lot more helpful than I was expecting. We are empowered with tools to have a great season. Last season we had the team talk and implemented those strategies and our gymnast had an amazing season. This year we wanted to build on that and focus more because the return on investment was a such a good one.

Christina is a true expert and she wants to see your athlete succeed.

// Mom, Level 6 Gymnast

The aspect of the program that I loved best is that it doesn’t teach you a specific menu or diet or schedule—it teaches you tools that you can use to tailor fueling for performance to your daughter, family, and lifestyle. It taught me about flexibility as much as it taught my daughter about the importance of fueling to prevent injury and perform well. We are excited to continue to see progress as we put more and more tools to use!

We are excited to continue to see progress as we put more and more tools to use!

// Mom, Level 8 Gymnast

My 10-year-old daughter feels more confident in choosing her pre-workout snacks, is more diligent about eating a carb snack during longer training periods and is faithful with eating a recovery meal after training. Knowing that she is providing the fuel she needs to sustain her energy throughout the workout gives me peace of mind that she is taking care of her body now and setting the stage for a strong future.

I appreciate how Christina empowered my daughter to take control of her nutrition.

// Mom, Level 8 Gymnast

I am so impressed with this program!!! Seeing my daughter feel better is 100% worth it!!! She felt hopeless before we started. She was always having what we now know are repercussions of being under fueled! Her tendonitis is no longer bothering her, she has more energy than I have ever seen her have, and feels great before, during, and after practice! She is no longer cranky and tired all the time! Her attitude has changed remarkably!! She is still a teenager at times, but this is manageable!! Her grades have improved, too!!

My daughter tells everyone how much better she feels. I can’t say thank you enough!

// Mom, Level 8 Gymnast

We joined the VIP program to help make sure my daughters are getting the necessary nutrition and to help address nagging injuries. It’s been very helpful in not only learning fueling strategies but more importantly addressing underlying issues not only impacting gymnastics but also overall health. We now have more of a plan and tools and can definitely say I am 100% on board with the importance of labs!

Christina does a great job of explaining the science behind the why and how that ties into the way they feel.


Coverage varies on individual plans and benefits.

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