Known for her engaging talks, Christina’s audiences learn how to fuel for optimal performance and apply the science of nutrition to their daily lives (in a realistic, easy to implement way for busy families).

Signature Team Talk Series


Christina lectures across the country at various gymnastics clubs, national meetings including USA Gymnastics Regional & National Congresses, and scientific conferences. As a pediatric/adolescent registered dietitian sports nutrition, former gymnast, and current gymnastics judge… she “gets” what it’s like to train 20-30+ hours a week in a leotard all the time.  
She speaks on nutrition for the young high-level gymnast, preventing disordered eating and negative body image, and optimizing nutrition for elite performance. Here no-nonsense approach is filled with real-world examples from lessons learned as a gymnast to tales from her professional experiences. 


Christina Anderson

Meet your gymnastics sports dietitian:

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In this candid session for just parents and coaches, Christina discusses how to support gymnast’s relationship with food and body image. She discusses normal growth & development, relative energy deficiency in sport, and how to support the growing gymnast body.  

Supporting your gymnast's relationship with food + body

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In this session, Christina reviews the advanced nutrition strategies for all things injury and inflammation. This lectures covers how to identify underfueling and the proper nutritional management of both acute and chronic injury. She will teach you to “sort through the nutrition noise” and find out if supplements or fancy strategies are really worth the hype.   

Nutrition for recovery and injury prevention

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Every gymnast should have a Performance Nutrition Strategy, or that pre/intra/post workout fueling and hydration strategy to optimize performance and recovery during long training sessions. So many gymnasts are missing out on this crucial aspect of training and preparation. Proper fueling will set your gymnasts apart.   

Performance Nutrition for the Gymnast

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Learn the basics of nutrition for the gymnast. Christina will teach the you “what” and “how” for everyday nutrition which serves as the gymnast’s foundation. She will teach you how “all foods fit” without sacrificing performance.  

Fueling the Gymnast: The Need-to-Know 


Bring in a qualified nutrition expert like Christina to help your gymnasts + parents learn to fuel for optimal performance!

For Gymnast Clubs, Camps, and Conferences 

Team Talk Series

Parents are Raving

// Mom, Level 9 Gymnast

"My daughter feels safe and connected, not afraid to speak to Christina about her food and body image struggles as a high level gymnast. We love Christina as her nutrition advice is realistic and backed up by science."

// Mom, Level 5 Gymnast

"I love Christina’s approach to nutrition for the gymnast and not focusing on ‘bad’ foods. To be able to adjust to my own gymnast and understand more about fueling for performance. I am excited to build a healthy relationship with food for her.”

// Mom, Level 10 Gymnast

“Christina does a great job of explaining WHY it’s so important to be properly fueling gymnasts at this level and what that looks like. She helped me see the gaps we needed to fill and I loved the one-on-ones and the push to get blood work done. Highly recommend.”

// Mom, Level 9 Gymnast

“Nutrition is such a game changer. When everyone is doing the same hours and same skills, the adequately fueled athlete is ahead of the rest. Christina is a true expert and she wants to see your athlete succeed."

// Mom, Level 8 Gymnast

“The VIP program has been a game changer for my gymnast! It seems like common sense now, but I had no idea just how much of a role nutrition plays in injuries and her overall health in this sport. We've both learned so much and my gymnast has noticed a big difference in her energy levels and ability to focus both at gym and with school!”

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