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There’s an easier way to optimize gymnast performance and longevity in the sport besides restrictive diets, more cardio, and expensive supplements. 

(without the stress or overwhelm)

Learn to fuel your gymnast for optimal performance 

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for female
level 9-10/elite gymnasts

1:1 Coaching

For female level
5-10/elite gymnasts
& parents

TBG Program

for competitive gymnasts & parents

TBG Course

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You’re committed to learning how to fuel your gymnast.

You thrive with a flexible self-paced program that you and your gymnast can watch and learn from.

You want
instant access to our proven curriculum with on-demand trainings, nutrition resources, and our alumni membership for more support. 

this is perfect for you if:

For parents of competitive gymnasts who are ready to learn how to fuel their gymnast at their own pace.  

The Balanced Gymnast  Course 


You and your gymnast want to: 

🥇 Level up performance and increase longevity in the sport 
⚡️ Heal from injuries, stop feeling so exhausted and sore all the time 
🍎 Learn how to fuel anywhere, anytime with foods that promote healing and performance 
🍴 Navigate food/body concerns, picky eating, or medical conditions that get in the way of adequate fueling (stomach issues, type 1 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, etc) 


You want to be told exactly what to do and want accountability from Christina to actually implement proven strategies that work for your gymnast.  
You have a female level 5-10/elite gymnast who has big goals and dreams 
You want one-to-one nutrition support along with coaching, community, and accountability.   

this is perfect for you if:

TBG® Program is our signature 3 month live program that surrounds you with like-minded gymnasts and parents with support, coaching, and accountability from Christina.  

The Balanced Gymnast  Program 



Have a female level 5-10/elite gymnast who has big goals and dreams (NCAA gymnastics/Elite track)
You want one-to-one nutrition support along with coaching, community, and accountability.   

Your gymnast has specific medical concerns or needs to "hear it from someone else" other than mom or dad 😉

this is perfect for you if:

Is your high level gymnast always injured, have a crazy training schedule of 20-30+ hours/week, or you want to do everything you can to PREVENT struggles in the sport?

1:1 Coaching

Parents are Raving

// Mom, Level 9 Gymnast

"My daughter feels safe and connected, not afraid to speak to Christina about her food and body image struggles as a high level gymnast. We love Christina as her nutrition advice is realistic and backed up by science."

// Mom, Level 5 Gymnast

"I love Christina’s approach to nutrition for the gymnast and not focusing on ‘bad’ foods. To be able to adjust to my own gymnast and understand more about fueling for performance. I am excited to build a healthy relationship with food for her.”

// Mom, Level 10 Gymnast

“Christina does a great job of explaining WHY it’s so important to be properly fueling gymnasts at this level and what that looks like. She helped me see the gaps we needed to fill and I loved the one-on-ones and the push to get blood work done. Highly recommend.”

// Mom, Level 9 Gymnast

“Nutrition is such a game changer. When everyone is doing the same hours and same skills, the adequately fueled athlete is ahead of the rest. Christina is a true expert and she wants to see your athlete succeed."

// Mom, Level 8 Gymnast

“The VIP program has been a game changer for my gymnast! It seems like common sense now, but I had no idea just how much of a role nutrition plays in injuries and her overall health in this sport. We've both learned so much and my gymnast has noticed a big difference in her energy levels and ability to focus both at gym and with school!”

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1:1 Coaching:



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Starts at 5 payments $320

3 month program
Starts at 4 payments $235
3 month program
Immediate + lifetime access
1:1 Coaching
length of commitment
private 1:1 sessions with christina for personalized in-depth nutrition assessment, labs, and support
live coaching calls with christina
online support for questions & access to private community with like-minded parents in the program
bonus nutrition workshops
access to tbg® membership
Ability to use HSA/FSA
access to simple recipes, fueling guides, and meal planners
access to TBG® method curriculum
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Support your gymnasts and parents

Known for her engaging talks, Christina’s audiences learn how to “nourish with ease” and apply the science of nutrition to their daily lives. She meets parents and athletes “where they are” to achieve sustainable results and develop habits for life. 

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