Known for her engaging talks, Christina’s audiences learn how to “nourish with ease” and apply the science of nutrition to their daily lives. She meets parents and athletes “where they are” to achieve sustainable results and develop habits for life.

Christina Crowder Anderson MS, RDN, CSP, CSSD, LD has lectured across the country at various gymnastics clubs, national meetings including USA Gymnastics Regional & National Congresses, and scientific conferences. She speaks on nutrition for the young high-level gymnast, preventing disordered eating and negative body image, and optimizing nutrition for elite performance.

Here no-nonsense approach is filled with real-world examples from lessons learned as a gymnast to tales from her professional experiences.


For Gymnast Clubs, Camps, and Conferences

Below are sample topics; please feel free to contact Christina if you’d like to schedule a talk or discuss a customized presentation.


Signature Team Talk Series



Learn the basics of nutrition for the gymnast. Christina will teach the you “what” and “how” for everyday nutrition which serves as the gymnast’s foundation. She will teach you how “all foods fit” without sacrificing performance. 



Every gymnast should have a Performance Nutrition Strategy, or that pre/intra/post workout fueling and hydration strategy to optimize performance and recovery during long training sessions. So many gymnasts are missing out on this crucial aspect of training and preparation. Proper fueling will set your gymnasts apart. 



In this session, Christina reviews the advanced nutrition strategies for all things injury and inflammation. This lectures covers how to identify underfueling and the proper nutritional management of both acute and chronic injury. She will teach you to “sort through the nutrition noise” and find out if supplements or fancy strategies are really worth the hype.



In this candid session for just parents and coaches, Christina discusses how to support gymnast’s relationship with food and body image. She discusses normal growth & development, relative energy deficiency in sport, and how to support the growing gymnast body. 

Hear what Coaches say about our team talks…

Even after one session our gymnasts are applying the information Christina provided and have changed what kinds of snacks they’re using pre-workout. We love that she keeps nutrition simple and doesn’t over complicate. We loved the sessions!

Premier Gymnastics of the Rockies, CO

Christina helped our athletes and parents understand the importance of nutrition by teaching them about what they are fueling their body with and how that impacts performance/life. Her nutrition material was excellent and delivered in a concise fashion. We were very satisfied as a gym, especially with how the four sessions were broken up into bite-sized content for our parents/athletes.

Jason Bauer, Head Over Heals NJ

Christina is the best! She is such a great presenter. Love her ability to speak with authority, stick to evidence-based theory and keep it interesting. We’ve already received great feedback from the parents. This is really important stuff. ​

Rebecca Smith, Complete Performance Coaching

“Coaching friends! Listen, here is the thing. Food and gymnastics has always been a touchy touchy subject with a lot of folks.

I’ve always encouraged them to eat whatever they wanted because we would burn it off. I never worried about it much.

Then, my program started growing and I kept hearing docs & PTs telling me that the girls “weren’t getting enough nutrition to recover or to let them start their period (that’s a whole other topic, just know, it’s important).”

I’m not one to shy away from hard conversations but I also wanted someone who would not put my kids on a diet or tell them to only eat pita bread and hummus.

I wanted someone who encouraged them to eat kid foods while also eating the right things to fuel and recover. It took several months to find the right one!

Guys, reach out to Christina! We did our first team session tonight! Involve your parents! We learned SO MUCH! (Did u know the brain alone uses 8 slices of bread per day?)

Your kiddos will walk away knowing how to fuel correctly and that it’s ok to eat ice cream too!

Kelly Keown, Paulding Gymnastics GA

Our coaches have really loved the talks and are all about the snacks!

The optional and elite girls are engaged and really soaking up the information.

We’ve had a lot of really great feedback from parents. Thank you!

Megan, Twin City Twisters MN

I have never found a practitioner who has such a thorough and complete understanding of what our sport is/had and does go through.  

I have used her Team talks in the club… and have had more clubs contact her. The Team talk series we did online with coaches, athletes and parents was SOOO good!!

Kyna Fletcher, Chimo Gymnastics, Former National Team Director Gymnastics Canada

“Even after one session our gymnasts are applying the information Christina provided and have changed what kinds of snacks they’re using pre-workout.

We love that she keeps nutrition simple and doesn’t overcomplicate. We loved the session”

Katherine Siwek, Jenks Gymnastics Club OK

This was such valuable information that I know would have made a difference for me if it was something my mother had access to when I was a gymnast!

Hannah Whelan OLY, Warrington Gymnastics Club UK.

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