Christina Crowder Anderson MS, RDN, CDE, CNSC, LD has lectured across the country at various gymnastics clubs, national meetings including USA Gymnastics Regional & National Congresses, and scientific conferences. She speaks on nutrition for the young high-level gymnast, preventing disordered eating and negative body image, and optimizing nutrition for elite performance.

Known for her engaging talks, Christina’s audiences learn how to “nourish with ease” and apply the science of nutrition to their daily lives. She meets parents and athletes “where they are” to achieve sustainable results and develop habits for life.

Here no-nonsense approach is filled with real-world examples from lessons learned as a gymnast to tales from her professional experiences. 

Below are sample topics; please feel free to contact us if you’d like to schedule a talk or discuss a customized presentation.

Her signature 4-part gymnast nutrition series includes the following lectures which typically occur on a weekly to bi-weekly basis:

Part 1-Fueling the Gymnast: The Need-to-Know

In this 45 minute lecture, Christina teaches the basics of nutrition and metabolism for the gymnast and parent. She teaches the “what” and “how” of everyday nutrition for the gymnast, how to enjoy all foods without sacrificing performance, and how to overcome common barriers to healthy eating. 

You will learn how to: 

  • Build your plate according to training intensity
  • Enjoy all foods (in moderation) without guilt/shame or performance detriments
  • Overcome common barriers to healthy eating for both the parent and athlete 

Part 2- Performance Nutrition for the Gymnast 

In this 45 minute lecture, Christina teaches both parents and athletes how to fuel the body for optimal performance. So many gymnasts get this part of nutrition wrong and show up to practice already dehydrated and underfueled. In order to maximize trainings, an athlete must know what to eat and when to eat before and during workouts/competitions. 

You will learn how to: 

  • Choose an appropriate pre-workout snack based on the time and intensity of the workout
  • Develop hydration strategies to optimize performance 
  • Fuel a longer duration workout or competition 

Part 3- Nutrition for Injuries/Inflammation and Recovery 

In this 45 minute lecture, Christina reviews the nutrition “must-haves” for all things injuries and inflammation. Nutrition is essential for both injury prevention and recovery. This lecture will touch on the effects of under-fueling and the proper nutritional management of both acute and chronic injuries. 

You will learn how to: 

  • Identify athletes who may be under-fueling
  • Choose appropriate foods to promote injury healing and manage inflammation 
  • Discern the “big rocks” of injury nutrition and appropriate supplements that may be of benefit to the injured athletes

Part 4- Parents/Coaches Only 

In this candid 60 minute session, Christina will discuss how parents and coaches can support their athlete’s body image and prevent eating disorders. She’ll discuss RED-S in depth, normal growth/development, and how to support your athletes through transition into womanhood. 

You will learn to: 

  • Identify athletes at risk of RED-S
  • Positive ways to communicate nutrition 
  • How to support a positive body image for your athletes