The Balanced Gymnast: Fundamentals Course


The most comprehensive program for high level gymnast nutrition, performance, and body image

The Balanced Gymnast: Fundamentals Course is the only comphrehensive education and implementation program to teach you and your gymnast how to fuel for optimal performance and overall health. 

Why is nutrition important for the gymnast? A gymnast’s body depends on proper nutrition to power it through tough workouts and artistic performance. A well-planned diet helps to prevent stress-related injuries, muscle loss, and fatigue. A balanced diet for the gymnast can maximize their longevity in the sport.

The Balanced Gymnast is ideal for competitive gymnasts, parents, and coaches of all ages and levels and is supported by a registered dietitian nutritionist specialized in pediatric and adolescent sports nutrition. The online course provides 6-weeks of structured, supported nutrition education. Gymnasts will learn how to nourish themselves while achieving optimal performance and building sustainable habits for a successful career and life beyond sport. 

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What's in it for me?

The Balanced Gymnast: Fundamentals​

  • Live 6 week online course presented through weekly video instruction 
  • Over 50+ pages of downloadable content to guide you through the course
  • Weekly workbook assignments to hold you accountable 
  • Gymnast Fueling Guide with accompanying grocery lists, meal ideas 
  • Over 8+ additional bonus guides 
  • BONUS Private FB Group for Course Members Only
  • BONUS Live Module- No period, now what? 
  • BONUS Live Module- Food Parenting the Gymnast: How to help them develop a healthy relationship with food and their body
  • Exclusive BONUS 1:1 Custom Performance Nutrition Strategy session with Christina (limit to first 10 to enroll, paid in full) 
Total Value: $1610

Course Price: $249 paid in full or 2 monthly payments of $149 ONLY until Friday August 28th, then price increases to $297 (save $50 by enrolling today!)

What our amazing alumni are saying...

You [Christina] make nutrition simple and straightforward. I finally have so many questions answered about what’s healthy and what’s not. I feel like I can sort through the “noise” myself and decide what’s best for me and my family. Cathy, mom of level 7 and 9 gymnasts, Oklahoma 

Christina helped our athletes and parents understand the importantce of nutrition by teaching them about what they are fueling their body with and how that impacts performance/life. Her nutrition material was excellent and delivered in a concise fashion. Jeff, dad of a level 10/elite gymnast (D1 commit 2021)

We took the course first because we wanted our two gymnasts, levels 8 (age 13) & level 10 (age 15), to gain some first hand knowledge from a registered dietitian that not only specializes in gymnastics nutrition but also was a gymnast herself and someone the girls could relate to. We also had 1:1 coaching sessions after we completed the course which allowed us to answer questions we had and gain a plan targeted just to our girls and their individual needs.

Christina provided excellent information about nutrition related to food, vitamins, supplements, hydration, sleep and injury prevention while focusing on how to properly fuel the body, refuel during and after practice/meets as well as recovery. As a parent that sat in on the course with the girls, it was very informative and helped me provide them with the tools (from the nutrition side) they need to be successful.

We would highly recommend Christina and the course to other gymnasts and families. Her knowledge of gymnastics and nutrition make a win/win combination. It’s not always easy to find someone that understands both and how they intertwine. You can feel her love of the topic and her passion to help gymnasts succeed!

Jamie, mom of level 8 and 10 gymnasts

The course gave us [parents] the tools to address our concerns about our young competitive gymnast’s nutrition. Christina takes a realistic, scientific approach and yet is able to explain complex nutrition concepts in a way that parents can understand. She is able to explain confusing nutrition concepts at a level that makes sense to us and our gymnast, which makes the strategies easier to implement. Karis, mom of level 7 gymnast

Christina helped our daughter develop a nutrition plan for training and competition that worked around her numerous food allergies. Her plan provided both nutritious and delicious foods that we could all enjoy. Roberta, mom of Level 10 gymnast (D1 commit 2021), Oklahoma

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Topics Covered:

  • Nutrition 101 for the gymnast
  • Performance Nutrition for the Gymnast (Pre/Intra/Post-workout nutrition)
  • Vitamins/Minerals
  • Hydration
  • Managing Inflammation/Preventing Injuries  
  • Meal patterns for rest days, practice, and competition 
  • Balanced Nutrition- how “fun foods fit”
  • Power Nutrients- Help or Hype? 
  • Positive Body Image and Food Freedom

Who is this course for?


Nutrition is essential to the gymnasts longevity in the sport and ability to excel. The Balanced Gymnast serves as your guide for all things nutrition and health. Competitive gymnasts of all ages and levels will benefit from this course, especially those with big goals and dreams. 

Gymnastics Parents: 

Whether your athlete is a compulsory JO athlete or a college-bound gymnast, you play a huge role in their success as the “gatekeeper”. This course will empower you to feed your athlete and “learn to nourish with ease”. 

Gymnastics Coaches: 

This course will give you the scientific evidence-based nutrition information you need to model a healthy lifestyle for your athletes and create a culture of “Food Freedom + Optimal Performance” in your gym. You’ll learn what your gymnasts need to be using to optimally fuel and hydrate throughout practice and be able to communicate these strategies with the team. It is time to move “good and bad foods” and focus on the athlete’s well being and optimal fueling.