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Hey there, I´m Christina

I am a board certified pediatric and adolescent sports dietitian nutritionist that specializes in nutrition for the gymnast.

My approach to supporting gymnasts, parents, and coaches comes from my own experience as a high-level gymnast that struggled with food and her body. Like many of you, my career was plagued with injuries that were largely related to underfueling, though I was clueless as to the effects my nutrition had on my body and performance.

My mission is to help gymnasts learn to fuel their bodies for optimal performance and longevity in the sport. By learning about that body’s energy needs and how all foods can fit, we can together create a way of eating that supports sports performance and a healthy relationship with food + body.  

As a former competitive artistic gymnast, current Developmental Program/NCAA women’s gymnastics judge, and someone who works in the sport of gymnastics each day, I get you. I understand your struggles, the cultural challenges, and pressure that you and our gymnasts face.

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The Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Gymnast Nutrition

Work with Me

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

I help high level gymnasts learn to fuel and nourish their bodies while performing at the highest level. Whether your gymnast is struggling with nutrition or just wanting to do everything she can to “level up” performance, The Balanced Gymnast Program is the perfect fit for serious gymnasts.

Team Talk Series

My Signature Team Talk Series is for competitive teams, gymnastics camps, and organizations that are looking to provide the tools for gymnasts, parents, and coaches to fuel for optimal performance. This is a 4-part team talk series that covers all aspects of gymnast nutrition, fueling, and prevention of food & body image struggle. 

Gymnast Nutrition Course

The Balanced Gymnast Method™ is an online course for gymnasts and parents who want to fast-track their learning. This in-depth course is perfect for parents of young, high level gymnasts who are wanting to learn how to prevent injury and food & body image struggles before they begin.

Are you ready to learn to fuel the gymnast for optimal performance?

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