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for optimal performance and longevity in the sport 

Learn to fuel the gymnast

Yes, we love to help gymnasts fuel their bodies with nourishing foods, but adequate overall fueling is the key to health and longevity in this demanding sport.  

It’s time to leverage the power of proper nutrition, which is so much more than “just eat healthy”.

Most gymnast parents have never been taught how to fuel the gymnast. We teach parents everything they need to know so that their gymnasts can stay healthy, feel strong and energized, and enjoy the sport for as long as they want to!   

It’s not your fault… 
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Balance meals and snacks with fun foods to stay sane and enjoy what you eat

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Layer on performance nutrition strategies that work to level up focus, strength, and endurance 

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Learn to build meals/snacks that fuel your gymnast based on their workouts 

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The proven TBG science-backed method, has helped thousands of gymnasts unlock a new level of performance:

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My mission is to help gymnasts learn to fuel their bodies for optimal performance and longevity in the sport. By learning about that body’s energy needs and how all foods can fit, we can together create a way of eating that supports sports performance and a healthy relationship with food + body.   
My approach to supporting gymnasts, parents, and coaches comes from my own experience as a high-level gymnast that struggled with food and her body. Like many of you, my career was plagued with injuries that were largely related to underfueling, even with the “healthiest” diet that still wasn’t what I really needed.  


Christina Anderson

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+ Create a pro-fueling culture to improve performance and increase longevity 

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Learn to fuel the gymnast for optimal performance and longevity in the sport.

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Parents are Raving

// Mom, Level 9 Gymnast

"My daughter feels safe and connected, not afraid to speak to Christina about her food and body image struggles as a high level gymnast. We love Christina as her nutrition advice is realistic and backed up by science."

// Mom, Level 5 Gymnast

"I love Christina’s approach to nutrition for the gymnast and not focusing on ‘bad’ foods. To be able to adjust to my own gymnast and understand more about fueling for performance. I am excited to build a healthy relationship with food for her.”

// Mom, Level 10 Gymnast

“Christina does a great job of explaining WHY it’s so important to be properly fueling gymnasts at this level and what that looks like. She helped me see the gaps we needed to fill and I loved the one-on-ones and the push to get blood work done. Highly recommend.”

// Mom, Level 9 Gymnast

“Nutrition is such a game changer. When everyone is doing the same hours and same skills, the adequately fueled athlete is ahead of the rest. Christina is a true expert and she wants to see your athlete succeed."

// Mom, Level 8 Gymnast

“The VIP program has been a game changer for my gymnast! It seems like common sense now, but I had no idea just how much of a role nutrition plays in injuries and her overall health in this sport. We've both learned so much and my gymnast has noticed a big difference in her energy levels and ability to focus both at gym and with school!”

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I got you! Join my free 45 min training on how to fuel your gymnast so that you can avoid the top 3 major nutrition mistakes that keep most gymnasts stuck, struggling, and injured.  

Want to help your gymnast with nutrition but aren’t sure what they need or where to start? 

How to Fuel the Gymnast

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