The next round of Group Coaching starts October 11, 2022

This group coaching program is for parents and level 8-10 gymnasts who want to:  

-Level up performance and increase longevity in the sport while training 20-30 hours a week 

-Use nutrition strategies that work to increase endurance, manage soreness, and prevent injury.  

-Learn how to fuel anywhere, anytime and create a healthy relationship with food + body.  



For Gymnasts Who Want to Optimize Performance Without the Overwhelm

There’s an easier way to optimize gymnast performance and longevity in the sport besides restrictive diets, more cardio, and expensive supplements. 


You will learn exactly how to...

-Build meals and snacks that fuel the gymnast for optimal performance

-Ensure adequate nutrition to prevent underfueling and complications like the Female Athlete Triad or RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport)

-Monitor growth/development to ensure proper fueling

-Interpret nutrition-related lab tests and appropriately use supplements as indicated

-Improve energy and focus during long workouts and on competition days

-Optimize Performance Nutrition (pre/intra/post) to prevent injury and enhance recovery

-Develop a healthy relationship with food & body

-Implement proven strategies that actually work and don’t require a crazy amount of time or energy


What's Included in The Balanced Gymnast Method VIP Group Program?

This 3 month group coaching program for level 8-10 gymnasts and parents consists of…

    • 1 x 60-minute private 1-on-1 session with me ($350 value)
    • 1 x 45-minute private 1-on-1 lab, growth chart, fueling strategy review session ($250 value)
    • Private Community Group for support throughout
    • Lifetime access to The Balanced Gymnast® Method Course and all materials/bonus trainings ($497 value)
    • BONUS August Gymnast Cooking class (8/13, $197 value)
    • 6 x live weekly group coaching sessions (3 for gymnasts/parents, 3 for parents only) ($1800 value)
      • Calls 1-3: Gymnasts and Parents (basics of fueling, performance nutrition, food freedom)–gymnast participation is optional

      • Calls 4-6: Parents Only (injuries, labs, growth/development, helping your gymnast have a healthy relationship with food + body)

    Tentative Dates: Tuesdays at 6PM MST/8PM EST: 7/26, 8/9, 8/23, 9/6, 9/20, 10/4

     The program will run July 26th through October 4th, 2022. 

    Virtual 1:1 sessions must be used within the 3 month group program, additional follow up sessions can be added on as needed.


    Group coaching may be right for you if:

    • You want a more affordable option versus working one-on-one
    • You need more support and accountability versus doing the 6-week course on your own
    • You have a younger level 8-10 gymnast who doesn’t need all the 1:1 work but you need the support on how to best support them
    • Group coaching starts at $999 pay in full or 4 monthly payments of $260 (Deposit, August, September, October) or 6 monthly payments of $175 for the 3 month group program.
      • There is a chance your health insurance (BCBS, Cigna, Aetna, UHC) could cover part (~30%) of this cost for the 2, 1:1 sessions but we ask you be able to commit to the full cash price in the event insurance doesn’t cover (which we won’t know until after sessions are billed and processed weeks later).

    Group coaching may not be right for you if:

    • You’re just looking for a quick fix or meal plan
    • Your gymnast is struggling with food/body issues, disordered eating/eating disorder, or serious medical conditions that need 1:1 support (like type 1 diabetes, multiple food allergies, etc)
    • You don’t work well in a group setting
    • You have a complicated case or need more personalized support or accountability
    • You’re not able to commit to being an active participant in at least 4 of the 6 coaching calls


    Christina helped our gymnast properly fuel her body with foods that she already enjoys. We love that Christina takes a “real life” approach to nutrition, no weird “super healthy” recipes that no gymnast is going to eat.

    Her meal/snack ideas make it so simple to prepare food for the day, something that I already don’t love doing. 

    Mom, Level 9 Gymnast

    We’ve been working with Christina for a few months after we found her through a FB group when I posted about all my gymnast’s health issues. To say she has been amazing is an understatement. We still have some things to work through but Christina is a wealth of knowledge and her meetings with my daughter have been therapeutic in so many ways. I am an RN, who also has an undergraduate degree in nutrition and was still completely blindsided by my daughters nutritional needs. If your child is struggling with stamina, or really any physical / mental issues it would be worthwhile to chat with Christina.

    Mom, Level 10 Gymnast

    The first month of working together, I started noticing my daughter had more energy at school, and at home. she was just more present and not so zombie-like on her rest days. So that was great. I was really happy.
    Then the last few weeks, she was coming out of gymnastics after x2 training a day smiling and singing in the car and when I would have a little look at her in the gym she was floating around and just happy.
    AND THEN finally it happened, her coach told me how she noticed my daughters change in energy at gym. she wasn’t a zombie at that second practice and just had more strength to give by the end (love that intra workout fuel)
    I’m so happy with this program.
    Mom, Jr International Elite

    My daughter feels safe and connected, not afraid to speak to Christina about her food and body image struggles as a high level gymnast. We love Christina as her nutrition advice is realistic and backed up by science.
    Mom, Level 9 Gymnast

    This been a game changer for my daughter. She loves her 1 on 1 meetings with Christina. My daughter used to fight me on fueling her body and we also were doing some things that weren’t helpful without knowing it. The adjustments Christina has made to her diet, and the hope she has given her now have my daughter doing her best to properly fuel and hydrate her body on her own without my constant prompting (aka nagging)  I cannot recommend getting your gymnast in with her enough!
    Mom, Level 10 Gymnast

    Christina helped us and our gymnast learn better nutritional habits to aid in the prevention of, and recovery from, injuries related to gymnastics. We were able to create and IMPLEMENT a plan for mid-practice fueling (currently no time allotted during 4.5 hour sessions) and post-practice recovery which has been huge!
    Parents, Level 9/HOPES Gymnast




    APPLY FOR The Balanced Gymnast® Method VIP Group Coaching Program

    Please fill out the brief application form to provide me with more details before we schedule our discovery call if you and your gymnast are a good fit for the program (level, goals, etc). 



    We’ll email or hop on brief phone call as needed to make sure you and your gymnast are a good fit for the program!



    You’ll be invited to join the group coaching portal and get ready for our first live group call! Our first live call is Tuesday July 26th at 6PM MST/8PM EST.

    Are you ready to learn to fuel the gymnast for optimal performance?

    You don’t have to keep struggling!