A gymnastics coach is one of the most important persons in a gymnast’s life. I know that coaches mean well and want their gymnasts to succeed, but often the things they were taught about nutrition + bodies as a gymnast just weren’t physiology correct nor helpful.  What is beneficial is for coaches to give nutrition information from a place of adequacy and performance.

Unfortunately, history shows us that there have been very unhelpful ways that some coaches approach the subject that can cause a lot of harm. The good news is that gymnastics culture is changing and there are still some helpful ways to address nutrition in the gym with your athletes. 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Whether coaches are responsible for teaching their gymnasts about nutrition or not
  • The difference between a Registered Dietitian Sports Nutritionist (RDN) vs a “Sports Nutritionist”, why it matters inside your gym and for high-level gymnasts
  • Top “do’s and don’ts” of talking about nutrition with your gymnasts

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