Many parents wonder if their gymnast’s nutrition should include supplements and if so, which ones.

“Food first” is the tagline of most sports dietitians. We are not “anti-supplement”, but there’s a lot to be said for focusing on what you can “add” to the diet to get different nutrients. You will get many benefits from whole food sources versus just supplementing a diet that is overall lacking in nutrient density.  

But, some nutrients just can’t be consumed in adequate amounts or must be replete due to insufficiencies and deficiencies often related to high levels of intense training as an athlete. There are several very effective supplements I use with my high-level athletes or my athletes whose diets are lacking, or lab tests have shown to be insufficient/deficient.   

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • What falls into the category of “supplement”
  • The three questions to ask when it comes to supplements
  • Why it’s so important to know exactly what’s in the supplements you give your athlete

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