As a parent, how do you support your gymnast’s nutrition…when they don’t want it?

We get a lot of parents reaching out, asking questions, and wanting to work with us. But they say they can’t because they can’t get their gymnast on board with nutrition counseling. 

It’s a touchy subject since you obviously want to respect their feelings and emotions. But at the same time, at this level of sport when we’re talking about underfueling, adequacy, and injuries…it becomes a safety concern and a barrier to continuing in the sport. 

Working with gymnasts is unlike any other sport; mentally, physically, and emotionally. You really have to be knowledgeable and have an understanding of gymnastics (whether as a PT, MD, or Dietitian) to successfully work with these athletes. 

Gymnasts often need coaxing and convincing from their parents to support their nutrition. Even if they are resistant at first, when they see and feel themselves performing and feeling better, gymnasts tend to “buy-in” to the nutrition support coming from their parents. 

Ultimately, nutrition is something that has to work for your gymnast. Something she can enjoy and do day in and day out. Our approach to fueling your gymnast will feel like a breath of fresh air; it’s realistic AND sustainable. 

In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • What happens when parents allow gymnasts to make all the decisions about nutrition vs when parents step-in
  • The dangers of just doing what your gymnast wants when it comes to nutrition in this sport. 
  • The most common reasons your gymnast doesn’t want to work on their nutrition and how to overcome them. 

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