What helps my high-level gymnast clients be successful and shine at Nationals?

In this quick tip episode, I’m giving you a list of all the nutrition non-negotiables when it comes to fueling the high-level gymnast for performance and longevity in the sport. Things my clients know they have to focus and work on if they want to reach their peak performance when it matters most. 

Nutrition is the foundation for gymnasts. Working on their nutrition, having a fueling plan, and using performance nutrition strategies is something your high-level gymnast needs to incorporate into their daily schedule. It’s just as important as going to practice, conditioning, rehab, and anything else she does to hone on her craft. 

Now is the perfect time to systematically review this list of nutrition non-negotiables for high-level gymnasts and see where they might need extra help and focus. 

In this episode you’ll hear about: 

  • What high-level gymnasts need to prioritize to be successful long term
  • 5 non-negotiables that help my clients stay healthy and perform their best
  • How to get help if your gymnast is struggling with any of these; it’s not too late!

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