Will your gymnast show up to college campus prepared and capable of managing their nutrition?

Freshman year of college is a major transition for everyone. Even gymnasts. They’re miles away from home, interacting with new coaches, and new teammates, eating out of the dining hall or dorms, crazy schedules…it’s a lot. Everything is different. 

If they are not already aware of fueling and taking an active approach, it oftentimes gets put on a back burner because the transition is so hard. 

Gymnasts can’t put off learning about these things until they get to college. Especially if they want to make the lineup freshman year. Knowing nutrition, how to fuel, and how to plan is PARAMOUNT to your overall success in college, not just gymnastics. 

We’re discussing what college-bound gymnasts need to know about nutrition (along with their parents) before they get to college. 

In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Common issues freshmen gymnasts struggle with and the roadblocks that are tripping up these athletes. 
  • How to help a gymnast navigate the body change that is normal in college
  • Where to go and how to get support when on campus 

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