Does your gym have a pro-fueling culture? What does that even look like? Are gymnastics clubs responsible for providing nutrition education to their gymnasts? Should the coaches or owners be the ones teaching gymnasts about nutrition or should they bring in an expert? Or should the topic be avoided completely and parents and athletes seek out information and support on their own?

I believe there are plenty of things coaches can say and do regarding nutrition to help their gymnasts. Positive statements that focus on adequacy are always welcomed. It’s when the advice gets “prescriptive” (the coach offers to write a meal plan) or focused on body comments (negative OR positive) that the waters get a little murky. 

This is when bringing in an expert can be so clutch. When coaches and owners understand the value and importance of bringing in a qualified expert, they enhance what they’re already doing in the gym. A pro-fueling culture for your gymnasts will make them more coachable, more resilient, and repair and recover better. 

Coaches are so influential. They are one of the most important adults in a gymnast’s life. The club where these athletes train is also an influential environment. With them spending 20+ hours a week within those walls, we want to do everything in our power to ensure it’s a pro-fueling culture for our gymnasts. 

In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • What the coach’s scope of practice is when it comes to fueling and nutrition education for gymnasts  
  • How to support gymnasts’ nutrition as a coach or owner without crossing lines, boundaries, or SafeSport.
  • What happens when you lift and elevate a pro-fueling culture in gymnastics and take a well-rounded approach in your gym.  

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