Super excited to share the first episode of our brand new 5-part series, Gymnast Nutrition & Recovery in the Off-Season.

In today’s part 1, “Look back to move ahead“, I’m discussing the benefits of really taking a hard look at this past competition season. Think back to see what worked…and what didn’t. Before your gymnast starts working longer summer hours and upgrades, let’s address how they did regarding performance, injuries, growth and development etc. 

It’s crucial to address gymnast nutrition and recovery in the off-season. Gymnastics doesn’t have a true “off-season” like some other sports. But things can feel so hectic and stressful during competition season we often push important issues off to the side to “deal” with later. Gymnastics is ALWAYS busy. Getting lost in the striving, hustle, and need to do more and be better is easy. But more often than not, parents and gymnasts are missing some of the most fundamental pieces in regard to nutrition + repair and recovery. And season after season, if not addressed, those issues can compound into significant struggles for your gymnast as they get older and more advanced in the sport.

In Part 1 of our Gymnast Nutrition & Recovery in the Off-Season series, we’re focusing on looking back in order to move ahead. Listen in! 

In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • The benefits of looking back over the season and taking stock of where your gymnast is starting this off-season
  • My list of the most important issues to address and answer before moving forward
  • Simple approaches to use to improve between now and next competition season that will help support your gymnast reach their full potential

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