Is your gymnast doing anything different this off-season with their nutrition or recovery?

You know what they say about doing the same thing over and over again…and expecting a different result.

Make this off-season different than the previous ones. Take the time to really investigate the injuries, fatigue, and the “why” behind unmet performance potential.

And our brand new 5-part series, Gymnast Nutrition & Recovery in the Off-Season can help your gymnast level up her nutrition and crush their goals this off-season!

In today’s part 2, “What to ask their doctor“, I’m discussing why it is vital to regularly check in with your gymnast’s pediatrician. Adolescent bodies are complex; they are not just mini-adults. 

Even if your gymnast “seems” fine, there are a multitude of reasons your gymnast should have yearly visits with their doctor. Too often I’ve seen parents and gymnasts wait until something is REALLY wrong. And then there is so much work to undo what could have been caught sooner.  Or there’s no baseline to compare to, so valuable time is wasted trying to figure out what exactly is the issue.

In Part 2  of our Gymnast Nutrition & Recovery in the Off-Season series, we’re focusing on what to ask your gymnast’s doctor before they get too far into the off-season. Listen in!  

In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Why growth charts and development must be checked yearly
  • What to ask your doctor to check for in “common” gymnast complaints like fatigue, dizziness, mood, focus, struggling to sleep, etc
  • How to address poorly healing injuries or misdiagnosed injuries with the proper support

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