Does your house have a supplement “graveyard”?

I’m talking about where all the random supplements you’ve purchased over the years in hopes of giving your gymnast that extra edge go to die.

I hope you’ve been enjoying our brand new 5-part series, Gymnast Nutrition & Recovery in the Off-Season.  In today’s part 3, “Spring Cleaning (labs supplements, etc)”, I’m discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to supplementing with the latest and the greatest. 

First, let me say, it’s not your fault for believing these supplements are the key to performance success. The supplement and diet industry do a phenomenal job of convincing people they need extra this or more of that. I see so many gymnasts on a lot of random supplements at doses their parents are guessing at.  It’s not unusual for parents to have heard something is “good” or “recommended” but don’t quite know how to use it or dose it. Or there are so many options out there, they don’t know which one/version to even get. 

Supplements, while available over the counter, can be harmful. You should never be blindly dosing your gymnasts. There’s a reason I stress we must test and not guess. At best, you’re flushing your hard-earned dollars down the drain on things they don’t know or that don’t work. At worst, supplements can work against each other, or side effects or toxicity can occur. 

In Part 3  of our Gymnast Nutrition & Recovery in the Off-Season series, we’re focusing on “spring cleaning” the supplements our gymnasts are taking. Listen in! 

In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Why a “food first” approach is the best and most successful approach to ensuring your gymnast is getting what she needs. 
  • Why we have to thoroughly examine EVERYTHING your gymnast is taking and triple-check dosages.
  • Common misconceptions about what supplements actually do

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