Is your gymnast’s environment conducive to appropriate nutrition and fueling for the physical and mental toll this sport requires?

If you’ve been following along with our five-part recovery series, in today’s part 4, Gymnast Nutrition & Recovery in the Off Season- Gymnastics Culture , I’ll be discussing a topic I know is both tough and sensitive. 

The culture of your gymnast’s club plays a major role in them achieving their big goals and dreams while maintaining their health and longevity in the sport. If your gymnast is going to make it as far as they can, we must prioritize fueling, recovery, and ultimately their relationship with food and body. 

Is their gym culture supporting their nutrition and prioritizing their health? Today I’m sharing my professional opinion and advice on what you as a parent need to be looking for in regard to fueling and how issues around food and body are handled. 

In Part 4  of our Gymnast Nutrition & Recovery in the Off-Season series, we’re focusing on what helps create a club environment that supports your gymnast in reaching their big goals and dreams. Listen in! 

In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Gymnastics culture red flags to watch out for around nutrition, body comments, and mindsets toward fueling
  • How to provide education and support if at a gym without red flags, but not necessarily prioritizing or up to date on performance nutrition research
  • What an optimal and conducive to fueling club looks likes and how they operate

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