Does your gymnast have big dreams of competing at the college level? Does it feel overwhelming when you look at the years ahead and all the work it takes to reach that level? Trust me, you’re not alone in those worries and concerns. The recruiting process is long and arduous. Add in the pressure of being healthy and at the top of their game when it matters most, and some parents and gymnasts crack under the weight of such stress. 
And that’s why I’m so excited to have our special guest Jill Hicks on the podcast today to walk us through what happens on the road to college gymnastics. Former elite and college gymnast herself,  20-year veteran NCAA college coach and choreographer, and now the founder of JH Consulting, she is an expert in the field of recruiting!

Join us as we discuss the recruiting process, how to utilize all the resources available to you, and the potential benefit nutrition plays in keeping your high-level gymnast healthy and competing when it matters most. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The 3 things that we see get in the way of gymnasts reaching their NCAA goals
  • What the recruiting timeline looks like and what college coaches are looking for in potential recruits (and why having a Performance Plan before college sets your gymnast apart).
  • How you as a parent can help your gymnast have the best shot possible at being healthy during peak recruitment time periods

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